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Written by: Andrew Cotton | Posted on:

Laptops are great when travelling or for bits and pieces here and there. They are definitely not suited to long periods of work, because the keyboard and the screen are too close together, and a trackpad is not so efficient as a mouse. This can lead to a hunched back, wrist and elbow pain, ...

Osteopath Treatment for Health, Melinda Cotton treating Pregnant Lady
Written by: Andrew Cotton | Posted on: | Category:

Osteopathy remains somewhat of a hidden gem of the medical world, offering a unique alternative to traditional medicine that’s backed by plenty of supporting research.

    1. Release tension – high stress and not enough time to look after yourself can result in a build-up of tension ...
Written by: Andrew Cotton | Posted on: | Category:


Osteopathy is a well-documented practice, with plenty of supporting research available, yet people are still weary or worse, unaware of the incredible natural healing benefits.

Osteopathic intervention can treat nearly anything, ...

Written by: Andrew Cotton | Posted on: | Category:

With an estimated 2.5 million sufferers in the UK, back pain is a serious problem. Not only is back pain frustrating but if left ignored and untreated it can escalate to become debilitating. A lot of the time, the cause is something that could’ve been avoided with a slight change in behaviour, ...

Andrew and Melinda Cotton, Fulham Osteopaths
Written by: Urban Village | Posted on: | Category:

Local Bloggers Urban Village interviewed Melinda

It never fails to surprise us what a talented bunch you Fulham folks are. Each month Urban Village Ldn introduces you to THe Fulham face behind an idea, product or ...

Written by: Hanna Evans | Posted on: | Category:

Having a teen is a bit like trying to feed a tantrumming toddler. Suddenly they turn their noses up at their favourite go-to foods and start making their own choices. Instead of spitting out their food and spreading it all over the walls they have their own teenage version of refusal. They avoid calls ...

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