How Does Osteopathy Work?

How does it work?

osteopathy is a common sense approach to physical wellbeing. Here you can find a brief introduction to our work with links to more detailed explanations.
an osteopath treating the neck


Osteopathy is one of the most effective and safe treatments for a great number of our health problems. It looks at the relationship between how well your body could be working to how well it is actually working at the moment. Osteopathy is really just common sense, and is very holistic. An Osteopath works with their hands on the human body to relieve strains, rebalancing interconnections between different areas of the body so improving circulation and how well that part of the body works. This leads naturally to an increase in vitality, allowing healing and relief to follow. It is also extraordinarily safe, with a risk of serious complications from treatment so low as to be virtually unmeasurable.
cranial osteopathy for the newborn

Cranial Osteopathy

Cranial Osteopathy is a gentle form of hands-on treatment which many Osteopaths employ as part of their treatment. It is very gentle, and involves an Osteopath "listening" with their hands to subtle tensions and circulatory flows in the body. It might be considered to be a kind of physical "unwinding", allowing injuries and strains to soften and relax. Circulation is restored, waste products are removed, and pain is relieved. It is a very natural and safe treatment, epitomising the osteopathic principle "the body produces it's own medicines". It can be verging on miraculously effective with some difficult conditions where the body seems to "hold on" to trauma. It is used commonly with babies following the birth process, and may help with many headaches etc.
Cranial Osteopathy also addresses the phenomenon of "somatisation" where emotional states have a linked physical state, as the body tries to prepare physically for whatever is making us, for example, sad or angry. Relaxing this physical state can help on the psychological side. Also, if you feel better physically, you can more easily cope mentally.
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A T Still, the founder of osteopathy

Classical Osteopathy

As a separate but related discipline, Classical Osteopathy uses a systematic form of treatment called "The Total Body Adjustment", in which the body is treated as a whole every time. This "adjusting" the body's parts is to achieve physical balance, and through that physical balance free the flow of vitality. This enables the Osteopath to help a broad range of problems. This is because it is the person being treated rather than the disease. This is closer to the teachings of the founder of Osteopathy, Andrew Taylor Still, and in particular his student, John Martin Littlejohn. They founded Osteopathy to be a reform of medicine, and believed strongly in the principle that "The body Produces it's own medicines". Classical Osteopathy is particularly suitable for somebody wishing to try an alternative approach to resolving chronic problems, treating from within. It should be noted that our Osteopaths work alongside your specialist if required, and should be considered both an alternative and a complement to your doctor at the same time.
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