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Cranial Osteopathy

Cranial Osteopathy is a gentle form of hands-on treatment which many Osteopaths employ as part of their treatment. It is very gentle, and involves an Osteopath "listening" with their hands to subtle tensions and circulatory flows in the body. It might be considered to be a kind of physical "unwinding", allowing injuries and strains to soften and relax. Circulation is restored, waste products are removed, and pain is relieved. It is a very natural and safe treatment, epitomising the osteopathic principle "the body produces it's own medicines" . It can be verging on miraculously effective with some difficult conditions where the body seems to "hold on" to trauma. It is used commonly to relax babies following the birth process, and may help with many complaints.
Cranial Osteopathy also addresses the phenomenon of "somatisation" where emotional states have a linked physical state, as the body tries to prepare physically for whatever is making us, for example, sad or angry. Relaxing this physical state can help as the psychological processes. Also, if you feel better physically, you can more easily cope mentally.

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For an interesting (technical) research paper on the scientific basis of cranial osteopathy, see Moskalenko Cranial Research Paper
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